“The temple of YS-HET, the god of thresholds, is open to visitors at all hours of the day, and though any are allowed to linger, they may not stay for a period longer than a night and a day over a period of a quarter turn of the Wheel, as mandated by the Old Law. This is to make sure the temple is clear and functioning well for the constant flow of pilgrims and the needy, and does not become overwhelmed in its services.

The temple sits close to the West Dragon Gate at the lowest ring of throne (in Ashton), and is a point of entry for many coming to Throne for the first time. In old times it was guarded by seven angelic Root Knights of an esoteric order although now five of their number lay dormant and reincarnating. The priests of the temple chiefly concern themselves with keeping the temple clean and orderly, and offering succor to travelers. Central among these duties is the giving of temple alms to pilgrims, including the famous Six Color temple stew, a perpetual stew based on the six flavor elements of traditional Goblin cooking that is kept fed from a mother pot in the central sanctum and is said to have many health benefits.

Having tried the Six Color stew myself it was, disappointingly, only one color, although its fortifying effects on my constitution were hard to dispute as it kept me awake for hours.”

-Payapop Pritram