Though some readers may have known about it for a while, I’m very proud to announce officially that Book 2 of KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS, Wielder of Names, is releasing January 3rd with Image Comics. You can now pre-order it on Amazon and other major retailers, but I highly recommend ordering it from your local comic shop first.

It’s printing much larger than the first volume (it will print 8.5×11 which is magazine size for comparison) and it contains the entirely of Wielder of Names, about 123 pages, making it about a third longer as well. As always everything in my comic is and always will be be readable for free online right here, but if you enjoyed it and want to pick up a print copy, it’s probably the best way to support me other than Patreon.

The book starts with the devil drinking contest, contains White Chain’s meeting with Metatron, and Allison’s fateful trip to the Palace of Radiance to meet with Mother Om. I’m a huge fan of this particular book of KSBD and hope you will enjoy the great job Image has done with the print edition. Check it out!