Greeting supplicants,

There won’t be an update this week, and things will resume as normal (haha, normal!) next week. Now that I’m actually putting a plot in my comic I’m pretty excited as we move forward. You guys thought you were reading a comic the whole time when it was a very cleverly formatted history lesson.

We’re actually getting very close to finishing the first ‘Book’ of Kill Six Billion Demons (probably in Jan/February next year). There will be a story and everything. When we wrap things up there may be a short break for the comic while I retouch and color large swathes of stuff. You guys may not notice, because I have distracted you with shiny lights, but my god are there a lot of inconsistencies in the comic. There’s a spelling error on a page that gets passed around a lot, and I cringe a little bit every time I see it.

My goal is to get a physical book you can hold and read while drinking coffee and cram it full of all kinds of crap you will show your friends. I’d like to get a physical copy of the Liturgy in there so you can photocopy it and make weird pamphlets and go preaching door to door about YISUN.

That said, there are good reasons I am late (unlike normal), please go buy this book:


Prophet is a fantastic series by the inimitable Brandon Graham. This book is a who’s who of the Prophet universe. It’s like $3.99, full of crazy world building, and it has a page of my art in it, if you’re into that.

Then when you’re done with that, go get Strikefile #2 this month because there should be something from me in there too.