Hey all,

I’m coming to the end of an exceedingly busy year. I’ve had four weddings in a year span (two of which I’ve been a groomsman for), have traveled out of the country, and am about to do it again.

The comic will go on a slightly longer break after until I return to the US on September 20th. In the meantime, I will continue to post art on twitter and I will be finishing off work and illustration on the KSBD Role Playing Game over on patreon, which I hope to release to all patrons sometime in the next two months or so.

I’m looking for guest art in the meantime. If you have work you want to promote or want to do some fanart or fan comics, please submit them to ksbdabbadon@gmail.com. I’ll post the ones I like and post all of them in the daemoniac on the site (and in the meantime I’ll update some of the art that’s still missing from there). If you send in something, please give me your name or handle and somewhere people can find you so I can promote your work!

This should be the last break I take this year, and the last break for the foreseeable future until Emerald City Comic Con in March and the week of Christmas.