KSBD will update Thursday this week. Sorry for the inconsistency! Big things brewing plotwise.

I want to run it out there – I’ll run a proper poll of some kind – would anyone be interested in possibly reading KSBD in an episodic format? I realize the page per week thing can be a little slow for people. I rationalize updating at this pace because you can always come back and read the site after a few updates. However, some people may prefer due to the format of the comic that I drop an 8-10 page ‘issue’ (for example, we’re currently in issue 3) every two months or so.

I’ve thought about running an issue-based archive page where you can do just this. Any input you’d like to give, I’d love to have it.

Also for all you wordpress savants, I’d like to find a way to show the big splash pages (throne and hell 71 specifically) in full size. Right now they’re about 2/3 size and hard to read. WordPress is automatically resizing them and I can’t seem to find a workaround (this is a modified comic easel theme, for those who are wondering).


Catch you tomorrow!