Here’s the next winners of the contest!

We have the Cat Master (I named him) the Bruiser, and Xand/Nxor, the Face.

The first design was pretty great already and was a strong contender, but the one panel with the cat curled up on this guy’s head was what convinced me. A murderous, super powerful mute devil with an affinity for cats was too good to pass up.

The second design was a strong contender from the get go, I love the whole concept, it’s just super creative. There were a few text submissions suggesting something similar (a trio of blue devils for example) so I couldn’t pass it up.

There were so many great designs (you can view the entirety on Infinite Devil Engine), that it was very hard to choose, but I think on the whole what convinced me was a spark of an idea of how these contenders would deal with the obstacles ahead. Like in an old kung-fu movie or weird old DnD module, I want each of these characters to be able to do something cool and weird.

One more to go! But that would be the start of our heist, which shall come very shortly.