The dialogue pass for the comic should be up now. There’s a new page (2-23, right after the Throne page), but it isn’t colored yet. I fixed some egregiously bad art and some spelling errors. I’ll make another pass over the comic before I get the final version fixed later this year, but it’s already a lot more readable and should be far clearer just what the hell is actually going on.


I also want to mention while I didn’t get quite around to working on things for the costume contest, the entries were all super good, but I was impressed especially by the ones below (and figured them into my final design quite a bit). You may see some stuff from the contest show up in the comic at some point!

Nuck6Go tumblr_nky2sxyme61ru0pvko1_1280 tumblr_nln6tjLIcW1qlstdzo1_1280 tumblr_nlmq8jBuBm1r3usgko1_1280