In the interest in preserving the health and sanity of the author, the update will be late just one more day.

To add a little more – I’m well aware that inconsistent update schedules are pretty toxic to webcomics. My lateness frequently stems from the fact that I’m living in a foreign country working a full time job which requires pretty good time management to balance with a comic that can often take 10-20 hours per page to crank out. It’s nothing I can’t do (there’s no excuses when there’s comics to make), but its a balancing act that’s often difficult to get right.

For example, right now (local time) it’s 11:30pm on a workday and I’m going to go roll some truffles in cocoa powder, it’s late, I’m coloring a comic page, I got 5 hours of sleep yesterday, and Meshuggah (that’s extreme metal) is pumping from my lap top.

This is the peculiar madness I tend to preoccupy myself with.


In other news, the first, main, and most important plot arc of Kill Six Billion Demons will shortly kick off so we can all stop wondering questions such as ‘just what is this whole business about anyway?’, ‘will Allison even become an actual character?’, ‘what happened to all those character submissions a few months ago?’, ‘what is the author smoking/ingesting?’, and ‘is there a point to all this arbitrary detail?’.

Sadly, dear readers, the last question is answerable, and the answer is I was brought up on a brutal slurry of puzzle books, Incredible Cross Sections, and Where’s Waldo, and now you will have to suffer through all the fiddley bits of my art for the remainder of this comic.

What’s coming up, you ask? Revenge. War. Betrayal (probably, there usually is in this sort of business). Demons. Angels. Oddly named Gods with a penchant for spouting nonsense. Things shoved in heads. A Maybe Sword.

Yes, you heard me, a Maybe Sword. That’s a proper noun.

Perhaps, dear readers, we will find out in due time. But first, I must grapple with the perils of time management. And go roll some truffles to the soothing sounds of ‘The Mouth Licking What You Bled’.