The color page will be up Friday!


Greetings supplicants.


Normally I won’t do this for the main comic, however this beast is of a totally different stripe, as you can probably tell, and rather than leave you strung out for another few days, I will leave you with this, and the colors will most likely come Thursday or Friday. Chapter 4 will kick off next week on Wednesday as usual. Although I can’t make any promises, and certainly won’t given my track record for deviating from easily planned and drawn pages into ridiculous Where’s Waldo/Barlowe’s Inferno mashups, the next part of the comic will be much faster paced and should update a little faster.


I received well over 100 submissions for the Gods and Goddesses contest! That is excellent. There was also quite a few art submissions, which is also excellent. As of this post, the contest is closed, but don’t let that deter you from sticking cool stuff in the tumblr anyway. If you have story/character ideas please put them in there. Fiction is ok to, as long as its concise and well written.


With that, we’ll start the fourth chapter of the comic. Hopefully, although things are a little bit bizarre, they make some sort of basic sense. If you’re still confused, or have any interesting lore/plot questions, feel free to stick them in the comments! There will be a bit more denouement and things will become increasingly clearer as the comic rolls on.

May you reach concordance,