Hello all!

I’m traveling back to my homeland (the UK) for a wedding. I’ll be there for a week with no tablet, so the comic will go on hiatus until Friday, May 26th (I’ll have a little time to get ahead which is nice).

In the meantime I will be working on Patreon stuff such as the RPG, drinking lots of tea, and writing for the comic. I’ll also be posting the rest of the devil entries (of which there are 150+). The results of the contest won’t be announced for a couple weeks, when the designs will make it into the comic, so sit tight (you’ll know when they show up because there’ll be a cool montage). I’ll also announce the results on the ksbd tumblr.

There were so many devil contest entries that I have made an entirely new tumblr to contain them, called INFINITE DEVIL ENGINE. You will eventually be able to find all the submissions for the contest there. I’ve reblogged the stuff posted on the ksbd tumblr and added a bunch of e-mail only submissions, but I still have 140+ to go through so the rest will be added over the week. If I especially like certain submissions I’ll repost them back on the main ksbd tumblr, but for now that’s where you’ll find them.

Check it out!