UPDATE 9/12/21: Wow, we went through orders super fast! Going to close this for now until we’ve fulfilled the initial 50, watch this spot for things to re-open depending on how things go.

Hey ya’ll,

For perhaps blindingly obvious reasons, the con circuit these last few years has been extremely limited. This means I have a huge pileup of books sitting in my garage, and I’m going to try something out. I’ll be doing a limited sale of signed copies of Kill Six Billion Demons volume 1. For now, we’ll just be selling 50 books.

We’ll be limiting this to one book an order, and US only (international shipping is a nightmare at the moment). Books will be $20.00 (shipping included) and shipped via USPS. If you’re interested, please drop an e-mail to ksbdbooks@gmail.com with name and your shipping info. My wife, who is handling this, will confirm your order and get you payment info, then follow up when your book ships.

If this works well, we’ll open more orders.