Come join up and submit a character here! (or just copy paste this:

This is an Original Character tournament. For those unfamiliar with the format, what that means is you create a character, then face off against another artist in a 1 on 1 match, drawing a comic that features both of your characters. One of you will move on to the next round, decided by a judge (me).

The setting is the Ring of Power in the Kill Six Billion Demons universe. Other than that, you can submit your own original character and see how you do! The first round will start in about two weeks and submissions are completely open up until we get 64 participants. We’ll be running the tournament via discord and voting on rounds will be public (though final decision will go up to me). If you’ve never tried an OCT before, it’s an excellent way to practice your comic making skills, and where I got my start in comics in the first place. It’s open to absolutely anyone, the only requirement being each round you must draw a two page comic featuring both your character and your opponent’s character (you can do it all in pencil if need be) and turn it in on time. Rounds will be two weeks.

See you in the ring!