Hey everyone!

There’s been some demand for it, so I’ve set a storefront up on Teepublic where you can get prints/phone cases of art from the comic (and one t-shirt, so far). I’ll add stuff over there periodically when I feel like the art is quality enough to put on a print/shirt, and I’d rather design shirts specifically rather than slap art from the comic on one.

I do make something for this stuff, but I’ve set this up more for it to be available for you than to make money, since Teepublic has sales pretty often, and I already have the lovely people over at Patreon supporting me.

That said, for the first couple days the store is up, there’s a 30% sale on everything in there, and in addition there’s a pre-Black Friday sale through. That means everything in there will be on sale until November 20th (then sporadically afterwards).

Check it out, and if you do get anything from there, let me know what you think and also if there are any new designs you’d like to see!