The next few weeks might be rocky for updates (at least until the first week of August). In no particular order, I am going to be moving out of Japan, having a cousin by to visit, and finishing coloring the remainder of the black and white pages and re-drawing a few more in preparation for attempting to publish this thing.

The retro-active stuff will probably be added over the next three weeks. There’s nothing new added except for a two page spread which should clear up a lot of confusion for new readers as well as giving us an actual proper view of Throne. I’ll make sure there’s proper notification when it’s added.

Other things:

1. Have started planning the KSBD Patreon. There isn’t one right now because I try very hard not to take on work that I can’t deliver on. Goals will 100% be getting me to draw the comic full time (2-3 updates a week), with additional stuff being a (pdf) RPG ruleset and setting bible (no promise on the quality of the rules), pin-up art, art tutorials, etc. If you can pay me for it, I can and will grind out a graphic novel (80-100 pages) a year of Kill Six Billion Demons.

2. Looking to try and publish late this year through a fairly well-known US comic company. More info when I can tell you more about this. The timing will be very contingent on when I can wrap up the retroactive content, which, while on track, is still a lot of work to go.

3. I may run guest art while I’m updating things. If you’re interested in doing guest art, please contact me on twitter or through my tumblr. This can be anything you like, from comic to pinups, but I will vet it and take it seriously as an opportunity for promotion.


EDIT: First batch of recolors (from chapter 2 page 2) up. Had to fix up a ton of old art.