I’m going to officially announce that the comic will be returning (a little later than I expected, sorry, I’m making a move from Japan at the moment) September 9th, 2015. On that day I’ll

A: Update the comic forward

B: Launch the Patreon

In the meantime, I’ll be doing a once over on the old pages to get them ready for print. This is pretty painful but I’d rather have the whole book looking nice and consistent in color. I’m also adding 3 new pages, two at the beginning, and one in the middle that’s a two page spread. These will get added at some point between now and September. The updated art will come up as I finish it, so I’ll try and notify when that happens here and on my twitter (@orbitaldropkick) and tumblr (http://orbitaldropkick.tumblr.com).

Sorry for the break! I’m moving forward and officially going to try and draw full time starting from September depending on how the Patreon funding goes, so hopefully I get to give you guys 8-9 pages a month  instead of just 4!