“Know this, thou sinners all: we are the eternal servants of God called YISUN, who were forged by him, and from his fiery breath were we given life. Our flesh is smokeless fire, and our eyes are set upon the rim of a wheel which encircles the world. Swords will turn against our skin. We need not steeds, for we do not tire. We need not chariots, for our limbs can smash a cart into splinters with the greatest of ease. We have one ship, which we call Wind of Besh. It was made for us by God, called YISUN, and it has ten thousand portholes through which we may rain death upon you. Our bows are strung with dragon sinew, and our arrows can not miss their targets.

If thou harbour’st the slightest stain of evil within thy heart, we will know; thy breast shall be torn open, thy skull shall be ripped from thy spine, and we will feed thy fetid corpse to the crocodile god. This is my decree.”

– 25 Vengeful Iron Suffers No Heretics or Fools to Live