YISUN reclined one day the third palace, which was the palace of emptiness and glass, and situated in an empty place that YISUN had made for this purpose. The air in this palace was constantly humming with silence. YISUN was pleased with its stillness and so summoned disciples to observe. Attending YISUN was a black fifth disciple viceroy, Pavlov and the master haberdasher, INVGSLD.

After some time YISUN desired to break the silence and made a small motion with the little finger of YISUN which was a powerful motion of division which means breaking of symmetry,

The viceroy PAVLOV spoke:

‘In order to unlock a key, one must know the Door.
And truly To know a Door, one need ask a Doorkeeper.’

YISUN was in agreement.

The master of helms and arms then said:

Existence is not a fabric to be woven, but a sculpture that must be hewn from nothingness. A Key of Kings is a masterpiece of the Craft, and no master creates a peace without leaving their mark. They go to Preem Nand, who is well known for his appreciation of the Art, that they may divine the Key’s origins.

They remained in stillness for 4 more days and then left that place.