YISUN let the servants continue and was content to watch.

The servant Brian offered a suggestion:

“She is being taken away to a deserted planet for exiles.”

The demiurge YE, who had returned from a black crusade and secretly plotted treason in his heart said:

“To the 66th Netherrealm Gateway.”

YISUN knew of these answers and was pleased.


The servant Kris C, eager to please YISUN, offered a new suggestion.

“She’s going to hell,” said he. YISUN smiled in the 4th way and saw that tutelage was required. “Hell is an illusion of our inner self, that terribly enemy called I,” said YISUN.

Hearing this, the Aeon 9 Wolftamer spoke up:

“She is going on a journey into the physical representation of her own mind,” it proclaimed. YISUN made a small bird gesture with the right hand and pulled a plum from the Servant’s tables. “This is a good answer,” spoke YISUN, “For there is no form or substance that does not have its roots in the TOWER, which is under assault from the EGO, that terrible enemy called I.”

The disciples were pleased with this lesson and sat attentively.


Quoted from YISUN’s 33rd psalm, section 12.